Tools for the Digital Century

We help people and organisations master Digital Century skills and create more value in their lives, work and communities.

The rise of Artifical Intelligence and other digital technologies, is impacting our lives in fundamental ways. But we are only at the beginning of what is shaping to be the largest and fastest transformation in human history.

On the plus side, the potential for new wealth generation promises to further accelerate the huge reduction in poverty of the past 50 years and drive all countries towards economic parity, aligning their share of global GDP with their share of global population.

However, the scale and pace of this social and economic change will be unprecedented and for many of us will seem overwhelming at times. It certainly won’t be business as usual. Traditional approaches to learning and education, work and career, community development, politics and problem solving are already being profoundly challenged.

Everyone will be impacted in some way by this transformation. So how do we prepare ourselves, our children and our organisations for these changes?

At The Ingenarium we integrate the latest thinking from the fields of neuroscience, learning and education with the real-world tools used by today's most innovative organisations. We enable everyone to map out their life-long learning journey and use powerful yet practical strategies and tools to transform that learning into high-value products, services, art and experiences.


Productive Purpose - The Ingenarium Approach

We all want the time and effort we put into our activities to "be worth it" - to have an impact beyond ourselves. Whether that be securing a job, attracting customers to our products and services, making a positive contribution to our community, or finding an audience for our art and creations.

To charge our lives and work with meaning we need purpose and to find fulfillment we need our purpose to be productive.


Humans are learning machines, and purposeful learning is energising, inspiring and deeply satisfying. The active, intentional application of our learning lays the foundation for meaningful creation and empowers us with a greater sense of control, well-being and direction.

Continuous learning will be key to thriving in the Digital Century, and everyone can learn and learn to learn better.


Rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotics are not only forecast to replace many physical jobs, but a wide range of repetitive intellectual jobs as well. Alongside this, knowledge, information and data are growing explosively as are highly polarised opinions, zombie statistics, "fake news" and knee-jerk social media storms. As our world becomes more integrated and complex, the ability to cut through all this noise to root causes and then think clearly and critically about priorities and solutions will be vital.

AI and digital technologies are projected to create more jobs than they destroy, but these new roles will require a solid understanding of emerging technologies, proficiency in the higher-level thinking skills that computers can't replicate and the ability to recognise and avoid the errors and biases that can cloud our thinking.


Making our purpose come fully alive in the world requires us to build upon our learning and thinking with creative ideas that help make our work original, unique or unusual. But that is not the end of the story. Real innovation occurs when those creative ideas are transformed into something of value to others.

Creativity and innovation are commonly seen as skills that we are either born with or don't have at all. In reality, they are capabilities we all have to varying degrees. We tend to let them fade as we advance through our school years, but they can be reignited and improved at any age.

At the same time, innovation and creativity programs have a reputation for being hit and miss affairs and success is often seen as having a large element of luck. But successful innovators and entrepreneurs have been refining tools that are proving very effective in focusing efforts in directions that are most likely to be successful.

An entrepreneurial mindset together with effective innovation strategies will be essential Digital Century capabilities, whether we volunteer in our communities or at not-for-profits, or work for ourselves or for someone else in the public or private sector.


Underlying and empowering all these elements are the core human and social skills that allow us to successfully engage and work effectively with others. Self-mastery combined with a global perspective and cultural awareness forms the foundation. Leadership and management skills enable us to build and co-ordinate high-performance teams in support of our own and others' goals. The ability to communicate in powerful ways helps us attract and motivate collaborators as well as launch our unique contributions successfully into the broader world.


Who We Serve

Students & Parents

Enliven and expand your formal learning with Digital Century tools.

Learn, practice and master the "work ready" skills organisations are looking for.

Design and create your own future job.

Develop an "impact portfolio" of projects to capture the attention of universities and employers.

Those in Mid-Career

Upskill, Retrain, Rebrand or Transform yourself and your career with Digital Century capabilities and skills.

Create a personalised learning roadmap aligned with your work/life goals, to expand your skill-set and build adaptability and resilience.

Learn to initiate, lead and deliver innovation quickly and cost-effectively with colleagues and partners from across the value chain to deliver high-impact results for stakeholders and customers.


Integrate Digital Century creativity and innovation tools and methodologies across your curriculum or in specific workstreams.

Create Incubation Labs that help students take original ideas generated in the classroom out into the community and marketplace.

Offer out-of-the-box programs or customise standard materials to meet the special needs of your students.


Establish an agile learning culture which leverages organisational knowledge via vibrant collaboration communities, whilst mitigating the impacts of internal and external disruption.

Energise and motivate your workforce to refresh and extend your offerings and delight your customers with inspiring experiences.


What We Offer

Online Courses

Short and long form Digital Century courses covering the full Ingenarium model of Learn, Think, Create, and Relate.

Consume in your own time to complement your school and work learning.

Courses launching soon!

Onsite Courses

Bring online courses live and in-house to your location for fast, high-impact learning and reinforcement.

Or request a custom course to be delivered with Ingenarium style.

Digitial Century Program Design

Planning/advisory services and customisable templates for schools, organisations and institutions wanting to launch Digital Century innovation and creativity programs, innovation acceleration centres or incubation labs.


Guidance and coaching for individuals and organisations embarking on their Digital Century journeys.

How can we help you?


Our Founders

Craig Ower

Based in Singapore, Craig has 30 years of experience in the Tech sector, most recently as a Chief Digital Advisor at Microsoft. Craig has specialised in customer centred innovation and has helped organisations, large and small, develop new markets and business models, products and services and compelling customer experiences.

Craig wrote and directed the feature film, "To Speak", based on a true story of Cambodian children who transformed their own lives and their impoverished village. Craig also co-produced and presented "The Late Show", a weekly Current Affairs program on Singapore News Radio.

"For me, The Ingenarium grew from two distinct conversations. With growing families, Mark and I rapidly progressed from asking 'How do we prepare our kids for jobs that don't exist yet?' to 'Will there even be jobs for them when they leave school?'

At the same time, more and more friends at the peak of their careers and expertise were feeling distinctly uncomfortable about the changes they were seeing in their fields and the new technologies and ideas being introduced by younger colleagues.

After a lot of research, it dawned on me that the very tools I had been using to help my clients deal with the disruptions in their markets could also help our kids, friends and colleagues successfully navigate the stormy waters of the 4IR."

Mark's comments about Craig

Craig's enthusiastic commitment to a wide range of interests and the creative way in which he weaves them together reflects the essence of what The Ingenarium is all about. While working on community development projects in Cambodia, Craig used his ingenuity and personal interest in filmmaking to produce what became an award-winning film that benefited the community where it was shot, expanded his own skills and those of the crew, and gave all participants a meaningful life experience they will never forget.

Mark Latina

With 30 years' experience in business and technology advisory services, Mark has helped clients all over the world design and deliver large-scale transformation projects and new business initiatives. This has allowed him to develop deep understanding of the challenges that such projects present for organisations and the impact of accelerating disruptive change on employees and job-seekers.

Now based in Sydney, Mark has a master's degree in Diplomacy, specialising in Strategy, Risk and Negotiation. Mark also provides mentoring and guidance to secondary school students through formal leadership programs.

"Having dealt with the impact of disruptive business change on my own career on more than one occasion, continuously upgrading and expanding my technical skills was certainly important.

But in many ways, it was the more general skills of analysis, problem solving and collaboration together with perspectives from beyond my own immediate field, that helped me adapt and identify new opportunities and pathways.

My hope is that The Ingenarium can help both young people preparing to enter the world of work, as well as experienced workers preparing for or responding to change, feel optimistic about the opportunities ahead and confident that they have the skills to seize them."

Craig's comments about Mark

Mark is one of those people who can combine the "big picture" with an intense attention to detail. He is driven to get to the bottom of what is really going on, is not afraid to change his mind when the facts demand it and will fight for solutions that are truly valuable rather than merely expedient. Never someone who likes to get too comfortable, Mark constantly pushes himself to explore new areas of knowledge and experience. His commitment to helping both his own children and the students he counsels find meaningful and productive opportunities is a key inspiration for The Ingenarium team.


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